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Yoga begins with a promise. As a promise, yoga holds a vision of the future; One in which by skillful practice you can fully realize the gifts and talents that are in your nature. Yoga promises a future in which you actively engage in an ongoing process of growth and definition. For the Yogi, this promise is only as good as its commitment. The secret to yoga is to honor the promises you make to yourself. By honoring yourself, the yogi learns to count on his or herself. In this counting, the yogi begins to make an account of his or her life. You are defined by the choices you make. Choice is infinite. Learn to choose to keep promises to yourself, not out of necessity, but because greatness is in you. Be accountable for your life and seek what yoga offers; the fulfillment of a promise kept, a perpetual eternal promise that continuously affirms life.


What You Can Expect at MB Yoga

I am hard at work to build out one of the largest and informative yoga resources on the web. I will be adding a YouTube channel in the coming days that will feature a number of yoga tips, tricks and enlightenment videos. I will also be looking to expand on my resources page to include all of the helpful resources that I personally use as a yoga instructor. You'll also find an online calendar where I will be posting information on my latest events and happenings.

A Special Thank You

I have to give a special 'thanks' to a few individuals and companies who have helped me over the past several years and months. Number one is all of my online friends at Yoga Forums who have given me ideas, inspiration and just a great place to spend time at on the internet... You guys rock! I will definitely be giving you all some personal shout outs in the various videos that I create over the coming weeks.

Next, I wanted to give a thanks to Melissa Rayne who runs the Fabletics Instagram account and who has been so kind in having their company sponsor a number of my events over the last few months. PS Melissa - if you can send a couple more pairs of your awesome yoga pants I might get a few more months in the good book with my wife :D

And last but not least, a huge shout out to Adriene who's yoga videos have been instrumental in giving me new ideas for workouts and sessions with clients. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, definitely check her out on YouTube!